What is eternity roses?

Eternity Roses are real roses that can last for up to 2-4 years when being taken care properly. Our roses are cut to the highest peak in perfect condition. When treated with biological solutions, color pigmentation process, roses are transformed into long-lasting roses that maintain their freshness and biological structure. The result is that Eternity Roses continue to look, feel and even smell like real roses - because they are real - with the difference that they will retain their integrity and color for up to 2-4 years.
They are most popular due to their color range which allows you to decorate with various nice combinations.
One of the reasons that affects the popularity of Eternity Roses is that today you buy Eternity Roses for someone, you both show them your love through flowers and also as a lovely decoration gift that remains for a long time
Everlasting roses are available for delivery around the country.
Shipping costs will be added!
How is it possible to mail Eternity Roses? Since Eternity Roses are treated in a way that they do not require water, it is easy to mail the item without risking it being bad. We carefully pack the rose and will be sent the day after ordering.