Why does Royal Flora offer Long lasting roses? And what is it really?

Eternity roses-Evighetsrosor

At RoyalFlora we offer Long lasting roses. As you probably know, roses are the perfect gift to give away to express their love for their loved ones. At RoyalFlora, we understand the experience of being able to give and receive flowers.


We have immersed ourselves in constantly updating ourselves with the latest technology, in order to develop and improve the roses' treatment process. To be able to offer the best and most beautiful perennial roses with the longest durability offered on the market in Sweden Instead of just drying the roses, we use our unique treatment process to create a dramatically improved result. Fresh roses are carefully selected and cut when they are in their finest condition. The roses then go through a hydration process that involves glycerin together with other plant elements and substances, during which the liquid rises through the stem of the rose, after a few days the treatment is complete and the eternal roses are ready to place in selected design and packaged to be delivered to our customers.

Eternity roses - EvighetsrosorOur technology results in a completely flexible and healthy rose that lasts for at least 3 years and up to 5 years with minimal care. Gone are the days of having to spend time watering and taking care of your roses to maintain their appearance, because our long lasting roses do not need it! A properly cared for eternal rose can maintain its beauty, freshness and joy for at least three years. Although our roses require minimal effort to care for, there are some recommendations we offer to ensure that they last longer.

Our luxury roses are specially treated so that the recipient can enjoy and admire as long as possible. We think that our roses should be an investment to bring happiness and wealth to all. Welcome to the future to enjoy roses all year round and treat your loved ones in an unforgettable way. Whether it's smaller boxes as a treat for loved ones, or a larger box to express your devotion to a special person, explore our entire range today and find the perfect eternity roses for the perfect person in your life.